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The Mobilicity system is an automated, driverless system for GRT or Group Rapid Transit. It functions as an advanced bus or taxi substitute in a wide variety of situations. This approach offers significant environmental benefits, allowing its users to address the major problems associated with urban mobility: congestion, air quality, noise and fossil fuel use. […]

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Power applications in automotives are dynamically experiencing changes and improvements. One of the benefits of slimming down the vehicle body weight is less power energy consumption. Getting more kilometers out of the same amount of energy can be possible by fully exploiting the technology available in the market. A multitude of innovative concepts, technologies and […]

Cars Communication

Talking Cars Coming Up Next!! Driving is a crazy, Driving is Fun, Driving is a Sport. Driving is all about enjoying oneself in a single “machine”. With so many other aspects of our lives guided by computers that never get sleepy or distracted, manufacturers are now making our vehicles communicate with each other to avoid […]

Innovative Driverless Vehicles

In today’s world everything turning to be automated and this is considered to be the competitive edge for the product or the process. Most importantly systems are giving space to make them automated. Since the artificial intelligence has come up and doing miracles in different industry sectors at commercial and individual level, the expectations of […]

Best 6 Small Cars Of 2019

Small cars that energize people who tend to embrace the qualities like easy to drive and fuel-efficient, outstrips many other categories with the power of being small in size and economical while offering almost all the necessary features of a larger car. Here is a list of best small cars. Best 6 Small Cars of […]